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How do I know which size to choose ?

Unlike what you often hear about leather, Obso rings do not « stretch” because they have an internal reinforcement to avoid any deformation. Therefore it is very important to choose the perfect size with the help of the equivalence table below. If you don’t know you size, you can measure the circumference of your finger with a thin piece of paper wrapped around (not too tight) and then place this band next to a ruler to read the number. A jewelry shop can also measure your size for free in a very precise way. Always feel free to write me and I will guide you as much as I can.

To find your bracelet size, you only need to measure your wrist with a tape measure and refer to the table below. If you are unable to find your size, I can make it bespoke just for you with no extra cost, contact me at : contact@obso-by.com

Which materials do you use for Obso designs ?

Obso jewelry and accessories are made only from upcycled fragments of leather. You can read the quality chart for more detail

Where is Obso based ?

My atelier is based in Paris (France)

Do you deliver in my country ?

Obso ships worldwide !

How much are the shipping costs ?

A shipping cost calculator is activated in your shopping cart. The shipping costs for small products (earrings and rings) in an envelope are:

-France : 2 €

-Europe : 4.30 €

-Worldwide : 4.60 €

The shipping costs for bigger products sent in package (bracelets, necklaces, bags and accessories) are:

-France : 4.90 €

-Europe : 7 €

-Worldwide : 10 €

If you order several items including at least one big piece, the shipping will be automatically charged as a package.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

Every Obso pieces are made by hand in my atelier within 3-5 open days. This period may be extended during busy times (holiday season) and I will let you know soon enough. When your item is finished and mailed, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

The delivery time may then vary depending on the country: 48h for France, 1 week for Europe, from 1 to 3 weeks for the rest of the world.

How do I pay for my order ? is it secure ?

The website allows you to pay with Paypal or credit card (via the safe payment platform Stripe)

The design or the size does not suit me, what can I do ?

I accept exchanges, you only need to contact me and send back the product to the address I will provide you within one month after receiving your order. I do not accept return, a voucher without time limit is offered when I can’t exchange your piece.

Are custom orders / custom alterations requests possible?

All personalization concerning a bespoke size or a color change (among the one existing in the range) is possible without extra charges. Just note that you might wait a bit longer to receive your order. Any other kind of customization involving a change in the design or a different sourcing will be charge extra. I consider carefully every request and suggest a realistic and fair project according to the additional work.

Lastly, I can make unique pieces for unique souls, especially design as a one of a kind accessory to fit your dreams, contact me and let’s discuss about this: contact@obso-by.com

Do you do sales or discounts ?

I don’t participate to seasonal sales because Obso prices are fairly calculated according to the materials and the time spent on each design to make them affordable as soon as they are launched. I sometimes organized discount code and free delivery for the community, you only have to subscribe to the newsletter !

Where can I find Obso designs ?

You can find Obso collections in the center of Paris in the boutique “Chez Warene Creations”, 46 rue du roi de Sicile or buy it right here in the e-shop. Occasionally I do pop up and events or exhibit in some tattoo shop, you can keep an eye on social medias for any news.

What does Obso mean ?

Obso comes from « obsolete », a poetic word to me. It echoes to retro objets, which do not work anymore but have an incredible style, and for that reason we remain very attached to them. Hence, Obso accessories must have meaning and summon memories. Obso promotes Slow Fashion, where quality, authenticity and exclusivity are key values.

Who are you and what does Obso stand for ?

I am Laurine, craftswoman behind the brand Obso. I wish to bring something new to the world of jewelry with pieces presenting unique shapes and textures organized around a poetic brand universe. Obso world is not only jewelry, it spreads to any kind of body ornament, like gloves, harness, bag. I am the only being who create and make Obso designs, I work hard to bring news, limited editions, as much as possible, and bring to our daily life a bit of dream and unconventional beauty.

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